How To Disable Annoying Chrome Shortcuts

If you’re like me, you love using the keyboard and abhor the mouse. So much work gets put into keyboard shortcuts. However, the person who designed the keyboard shortcuts for Chrome must have been drunk at the time. Here are two shortcuts that I commonly mistake for one another when going fast:

Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Switch to previous tab
Ctrl+Shift+Q – Close the entire browser (and apparently clear all cookies, making you curse as you think about how many sites you use where you’re logged in…)

Guess which one I’m commonly hitting nowadays?

Luckily, there’s a way to disable this shortcut.

1. Enter chrome://extensions in your address bar
2. Scroll to the end of the page and click “Keyboard Shortcuts”
3. On a stupid extension you have, add the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Q to one of the fields that doesn’t matter (Ex. activate extension). I used the Animation Policy extension.

You’re welcome :).